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Travel to singapore

Kiss From The World's Archives


The Higgest Swiming Pool in the World

Singapore, Marina Bay Sands hotel, floor 57, the higgest swiming pool in the world. In this amazing swimming pool near the sky you can enjoy to the magnific view of the...


Surf in the big city

En la Isla de Sentonsa, Singapur, se pueden realizar muchas actividades, desde paseos por sus playas artificiales, visita al magnífico acuario o intentar surfear olas...


wanna eat durian on subway ?? Think twice

I had caught this sight at the moment when I got on subway in Singapre. There is no really astonished since Singapore is notable as a find country and its strict laws....


Thoughts on Singapore life and transport

We took the more pricy air conditioned bus from Kuala Lumpur and were not disappointed, infact for just 88 RM (approx £17/US$27) I would choose to travel this way...


Pak Ali: a life spent helping the community

“I was born in Pulau Ubin, I’m 79 and I have seven children. I used to work in the quarry business on the island. In the Malay language, “Pulau Ubin” means...


Pauline: the best chilli crab you’ll ever taste

“Ubin First Stop Reastaurant is located on Pulau Ubin Island, in the North East area of Singapore. It’s a natural reserve. Many come here to relax, do some...


Kebun Baru: Bird Singing Club

“The Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club in Singapore is a club for singing birds. Our training grounds are used daily to train birds like zebra doves, which can cost from...

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