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Travel to taiwan

Kiss From The World's Archives

Laowai Man Is An Outlier And Should Not Have Been Counted

Laowai Man Is An Outlier And Should Not Have Been Counted

When I arrived in Taoyuan, I was struck by my progress through the airport, through security, and to my hotel, all without one single person shouting laowai or HELLO!!!...

The Dramatic Taroko Gorge

There is a spot on the Taiwanese East Coast I love to come back to. A magical area, where I keep imagine seeing an old troll peaking out from behind a boulder, where I...

Discovering the Soul of an Island

The sun is setting. Conversation and the tinny automated voice are the only sounds that disturb the gentle hum of the MRT. It's 5:20 p.m. As I look out through the...


A Visit To The Hot Springs Should Be Mandatory

Taiwan and the hot springs It bubbles and boils in every corner… And I am not talking about politics. Taiwan sits right on the ring of fire, where volcanoes erupt...


Taking Chances: Accepting a Job in Taiwan

“They were happy with all 4 of your interviews and are leaving it up to you guys to decide who takes the teaching job.” The year after I finished my Education...


Taiwan is more than just one city. Much more

Taiwan – no, it's not just Taipei, Taiwan is more than just one city. Much more. End of 2012 I decided to move to Taiwan, to start to learn Chinese. I also needed...


Since I was 15 I have been on the road – and now I am in Asia

I was 15 when it all started, the first trip abroad, not counting the trips to Denmark, without my parents or any other grownup. Before that I had seen parts of Europe...

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