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Travel to tanzania

Kiss From The World's Archives


The Hadza tribe

We spent the morning with the Hadza tribe. There are about 700 people living in Tanzania. They are also known as the “bushmen” because their homes are literally in...


Hello Simba!

Saw a pack of lions during our safari, including cubs! This little guy looked directly at me and it was hard to believe that I had a 3D version of Simba right in front...


Tanzanian Sunset

I took this photo as the sun was going down on my friend’s farm in Kegero, 3 hours south of Dar Es Salaam. It was so great to be miles from anywhere in the...


5 Life Lessons Tanzania Can Teach Us

1. Take the time to listen As soon as you arrive in Tanzania you can’t help but notice how seriously the people there take their greetings. They don’t just breeze...


Lessons You Can Learn From Less Developed Countries

I woke up this morning to a message from my Tanzanian friend, Elihuruma, who runs EllyHarris Learning Centre, the village school we set up together in rural Tanzania to...


How Three Months Changed My Life

After growing up surrounded by all things African, I was desperate to get back to the continent where my parents had met and married (they were both English teachers in...


Wash Day

I took this picture on a walk through Ngaramtoni village in Tanzania when I was volunteer teaching at a primary school there in 2007. People always assume that the kids...


“The daily path never end” – Masai proverb

“Colors, scents, feelings, emotions, we are with a Masai family, the Kipara Lagilala. Women have dark, piercing looks; children scrutinize you. They live in the middle...


A big Masai family

Barbara: “Masai people don’t live in proper villages. They live in small communities formed by huts made of soil and straw. The huts are arranged in a circle,...


Maiko: the Tingatinga art

Maiko: “When I was little, I started painting using cinder.  When I came back from a trip to Japan, I started to paint seriously. It was my uncle who taught me this...

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