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Travel to uganda

Kiss From The World's Archives

Dance in Kampala, Uganda (In Photos)

Music and dance are an integral part of African ceremonies and social gatherings.


A Different Great Ape: Visiting the Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, Uganda

In addition to trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda) and Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda) to see the infamous mountain gorillas, we also went chimpanzee...

A different god for each situation at Ssezibwa falls

These are to the Baganda part of their history, culture and traditional belief all these are much more than a mere waterfall. The baganda are Uganda’s largest...


A visit to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre ( A ZOO )

I have been to the zoo twice earlier for a school trip when I was about 13 and at 15 with my dad. Close to 9 years later I decided to take my nieces and nephews back to...


Burnt alive because of their religion , the Uganda Martyrs

On 3rd June 2014 as we sat in the comfort of our living rooms watching the proceedings of prayers that were going on at Namugongo martyrs shrine and tweeting every...


Sipi Falls, Uganda

We decided to leave Jinja. Now heading to Sipi Falls; one of the tourist attractions in Uganda and only four hours moving down the road from where we were. We went for...


Kampala, weekend trip

I went to go to Kampala for an specifically reason. Go to the premiere of the film “The Ugandan” which promised so much and gave just a little, very little. That is...


The country is standing thanks to their women

In Uganda women are stronger than men. They go through everything, they are the most vulnerable but the ones that walk again after stumble. While watching the men spend...


17 things I saw/learned of Uganda

While I was in Uganda I wrote a few things in my travel notebook… I wrote more on my cellphone so after I could post it here, in my blog. But, what I did write were...


Health Fair at Kibuye Village

I had the opportunity to help in the Health fair located in two villages in the Kibuye district in Uganda. The fair was all made thanks to the efforts of Caitlin, a...

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