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Kiss From The World's Archives



A heartbreaking sunset, 51°C, 86 meters under sea level, and under our feet, a huge pit that forms one of the world’s biggest water basins. It’s incredible! This is...


Mesquite flat sand dunes

Guys, we are seriously going to melt, in the true sense of the word. More than fifty degrees. We can honestly say it: this is one hell of a sunset. Even our shadows are...


Golden Gate Bridge

How many times did we drive up and down our favorite bridge? 10, 20 times? Thank goodness people need to pay a toll every time they cross it, otherwise we’d stay here...


Banzai Pipeline

Dome, I told you that I didn’t want to bathe in those waves, but you wouldn’t budge, and forced me to. “Come on, dive in, it’s super fun!”....

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii - Sweet Kiss at the Beach - Kisses From The World - Travel and People Magazine

Lanikai Beach

Here we are in Hawaii, the place that you, Dome, call your home. While we were here, I was convinced that you were going to propose. So delusional! I waited for that...

Central Park, New York, USA - The Best Kiss - Kisses From The World - Travel and People Magazine

Central Park

Unbelievable, I made it! I managed to convince you to take a carriage ride through the park. You wanted to rent bikes and dart around like crazy, definitely less...

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