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Things to do around Lake Maggiore in one day: discover the country life on the Isola dei Pescatori

Day 2 of 2 – Chapter 4 of 4

Lake Maggiore has 9 islands. Some are inhabited, like Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Island); others are only the size of a rock, or a castle that occupies it completely, like on the Isola dei Castelli di Cannero (island of the Cannero castles).

The Isola dei Pescatori, with its fishermen’s village, is the one that attracts us the most.

Ferry and speedboat services enable visitors to reach all of the islands and explore the length and breadth of Lake Maggiore.

Until around 1970, the Isola dei Pescatori was inhabited solely by fishermen and their families.

Lake Maggiore is rich in marine life. Its waters are home to diverse species of fish, including trout, carp, pike and eels.

The Isola dei Pescatori has lost some of its old charm. But not all of it. There are still 50 inhabitants living on the island, some of them fishermen, and the atmosphere here is still the same as it once was.

Walking through the tiny streets, we see fishing nets and all kinds of fishing equipment hanging up.

Autumn and winter are the best times of year to experience the island in its authentic state, when there aren’t many tourists and the island once more belongs to its islanders.

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