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Become our Travel Writer!

Love travelling? Become a Kiss From The World Travel Writer!

Kiss From The Worldtravel & people magazine – publishes travel reportage on unique, extraordinary journeys. Our reporters are constantly off the beaten track and on the hunt for one-of-a-kind encounters, all over the globe.

Kiss From The World’s readers can experience the intense emotions of our reporters’ journeys for themselves through their exciting reportage. Whether it’s exploring the depths of forests, meeting unknown tribes, visiting war zones, interviewing hardened gang leaders, joining exotic parties… or experiencing the extraordinary normality of everyday life, in every corner of the world.

Wait, there’s more!

Kiss From The World is a collage of the stories, places and extraordinary encounters our Travel Writers from every continent have experienced. They post their adventures on Kiss From The World every day, telling the story of diverse parts of the world as seen through their eyes.

If you love writing as much as the Kiss From The World Travel Writers do; if you like to see the world not just through books, but you want to live it and feel it; if to you, the journey isn’t about reaching a destination as fast as possible, but an occasion for meetings and exchanges without labels or stereotypes; if you like adventure, exploring unknown places, uncovering stories, tasting different foods, meeting new cultures… Come and tell your story on Kiss From The World!


How to Become a Kiss From The World Travel Writer

Before you get started with the registration process, make sure you have the following things ready¹:

1.A photo of yourself (for the “Avatar” field)

2.Your bio (for the “About Me” section)

3.The URL of your personal blog – if applicable (for the “My Website” section)

4.Your social network links – if applicable (for the “My Socials” section)



1.Click on this link,

2.Complete the form.


Once you have completed this process, we will respond within 48 hours. If we give you the go-ahead, you will instantly become a member of our exciting community of Travel Writers, and you will be able to start² autonomously posting content straight away!

¹ Accounts without a photo and bio will not be considered.

² Before you start publishing posts on Kiss From The World, please read our Rules & Tips & FAQ.

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