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Kiss From The World's Archives


Man-made Frame

The temples in Bagan were magnificent. And even if Bagan is not registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a unique and incredible place to visit.


Through the eyes of a Joshua Tree

The sun setting as seen through the branches of a Joshua Tree. This was a very spontaneous shot as I was just getting back from a hike when the sun started setting and I...


Sunset in New Zealand

Took this picture during my study abroad semester at the 90 Mile Beach, New Zealand. It was an incredible afternoon spent with some of my best friends.


Great Wall of China

This is not a normal part of the Great wall, this is the last part where tourist can walk, after that there is no path, only trees and collapsed parts of the original...


Delicate Arch framing the La Sal Mountains

There’s a reason that the Delicate Arch is iconic: its red, sandy hues contrast amazing against the desert blue skies, and the way it encircles the snowcapped La...


Lovely Lucerne!

It was early morning when I left Paris (halfheartedly) to continue my trip to Lucerne, Switzerland. I was again welcomed by chilly breeze. I fell in love with Lucerne...


Woman Paddling on Dal Lake

Behind the tourist area of Dal Lake with its many holiday house boats is a network of canals that is the lifeblood of the local community. There is an early morning...


Tunnel Vision from under the hoodoos of Wall Street

The Navajo Loop Trail descends from Sunset Point through the slot canyon of Wall Street at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.Upon reaching the bottom of Wall Street,...


The Fangafa

The ship off in the distance is called the Fangafa. During my first trip to Tonga in 2007 I actually rode on this ship in the open sea in between an island called...

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