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The Colors of Prague

Prague is one of the most colorful cities in the world! It’s beautiful pastel colors make you feel like you’re walking through a fairytale, even on a rainy and cloudy day. This photo was taking on the way to Prague Castles as I wondering the streets of Prague and feeding my wanderlust addiction.



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Hofit Kim Cohen is a travel blogger, was born under the Leo sun on Aug.12 in Israel and raised in sunny California. Throughout her early life, she had moved many times to different cities and was used to life on the road, meeting new people and adapting to change. She currently has visited over 30 countries and her goal for 2015, is to visit 25 countries. She has lived in Los Angeles, Malibu, NYC, Tel Aviv, Baltimore/DC and Miami, some even more than once. She has had to call over 40 houses home, not including the massive amount of hotels she has stayed at during her travels around the world. She has studied Makeup in CA, went to FIT in Manhattan for Accessory Design, learned Musical Theater in SMC, went on voluntary programs in a foreign country, took spiritual Seminars, was a former Model and worked as a National Corporate Trainer for sales. She has changed careers more than most in their lifetime and yet she could never get enough of living out of a suitcase like a Gypsy. She thrives on being in and out of airports and collecting frequent flyer miles, meeting strangers all around the world, trying new foods, learning about new cultures, languages, fashion and exploring cities she dreamt of.She lives for TRAVEL+ SPIRITUALITY+ ARTShe has a heart full of wanderlust! Follow her on her adventures around the world on her travel blog

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