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Sunset in Paradise

This amazing shot was taken from a secret location in Koggala, in the South of Sri Lanka. You have to climb through some bushes and side step along the curb that runs alongside the “harbour”. Many locals come here as it is safe to swim – apart from divers and fishermen lots of Sri Lankans are unable to swim. This was taken on Poya (full moon), we had the glorious sunset, followed by the rising of the full moon.




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Hi :) I am a 22 year old marketing graduate who has always had a mad passion for travel!! I have been very fortunate in my short life, in that I have had the opportunity to see many countries and experience many cultures. My mum never liked commercial, hotel holidays where you could be anywhere in the world and there would be no difference. We trekked Machu Pichu, she sent me to China on a home stay and paid for a month backpacking in Africa - helping orphanages and seeing real people in their own life setting.After uni I decided I need to see more of the world, my mum had a few friends over in Sri Lanka who wanted my marketing expertise. I flew out with my best friend and boyfriend in October 2014, unfortunately my best friend decided it wasn't for him and retuned home just before christmas. My boyfriend bought a Tuk Tuk and that is where the inspiration for our blog came from. We went on a week's journey to Adams Peak via Tuk Tuk, we were hooked! We decided we would travel across 10 countries over the next few years all by Tuk! We then realised that just traveling and seeing sights is not experiencing the country so, our plan developed into Tales of a Tuk Tuk. A blog dedicated to helping raise awareness for charities in the countries we travel. These are small, local charities that will truly change a small number of people's lives in such a dramatic way. We are not trying to change the world, but the people who we help, their world will change forever. Please follow our blog - to keep up to date with all we are doing.

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