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Report Not Provided

Not Provided Report – our exclusive algorithm

Understanding what search terms are bringing visitors to your website and your competitors’ websites is key to creating the right content and defining a winning content marketing strategy.


How can you find out what search terms are bringing traffic to your site?

Google hides the search terms.


Search terms used to be visible on Google Analytics. As of 2011, Google now hides the search terms, simply adding the numbers together and listing the information as NOT PROVIDED.

Here’s an example. Your article receives 50 hits from search engine traffic, each of which was brought to your site via a specifc word:

  • 3 visits from the word PERU
  • 10 visits from the word VOLCANO
  • 37 visits from the word ADVENTURE

Google Analytics will only show you the numerical value for the NOT PROVIDED data, which in this example is 50 (3+10+37=50).

The search terms that your visitors used to find your website – PERU, VOLCANO, ADVENTURE – are not visible because Google hides them.


How can this problem be solved?

With The Not Provided Report.


This report takes into account several variables. Our team has developed an algorithm to extract relevant data and conduct complex calculations that factor in multiple variables in order to produce “values”.

These values are then processed through a system devised by our team that extracts possible keywords, weighting them by importance.

Without even accessing your website or your competitors’ websites, our Not Provided Report enables you to uncover not only the key search terms that are brining traffic to your site and their level of importance, but also your competitors’.


What does that mean?

That your competitors can only try to chase you!


Knowledge is power. And the Not Provided Report provides you with the following vital information:

  • How people are searching for you online
  • How people find your competitors
  • What content gives you the highest chance of beating your competitors on search engine results
  • The NOT PROVIDED information
  • Search terms

ALL of this is done without accessing your website either via FTP or Google Analytics.


Why purchase the Not Provided Report?

To beat your competitors.


The Not Provided Report (NPR) enables you to do some incredible things:

  • See how much traffic your website is receiving and via what search terms. The NPR lets you see how competitive your website is, revealing its strengths and its weaknesses. All of this is geared towards building an effective strategy that will enable you to optimise your site.
  • See how much traffic your competitors’ websites are receiving and via what search terms. The NPR lets you see how effective your competitors’ websites are, revealing their strengths and their weaknesses. All of this is geared towards building an effective strategy that will enable you to overtake them.
  • Create a winning Editorial Plan. The NPR enables you to identify a set of precise keywords you can use to define, plan and create the right content for your website, and optimise its positioning in search engine results pages (SERP). If you have already defined your search terms, we can use these to identify your 3 key competitors with the highest traffic in specific countries around the world.
  • Ensure you have a winning Google AdWords campaign. The NPR enables you to identify a set of precise keywords you can use to optimise your Google AdWords campaign.
  • Acquire new clients. The NPR lets you see how much traffic you could potentially acquire.
  • Understand your ideal commercial positioning. The NPR helps you to differentiate yourself through your commercial positioning and/or target a specific market niche.
  • Estimate your competitors’ financial projections. The NPR enables you to make estimated financial projections on the sales and potential of your competitors, helping you to then define how much budget to invest to meet and overtake them.


If you would like more information on our SERVICE or PRICE, please contact us.

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