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Travel to arizona

Kiss From The World's Archives


Living with a dragon – Phoenix in the summer

I can feel the heat as I open the door to the condo, my helmet strapped on my head. The heat hits me like a wall of flame, instantly causing sweat to start to form on my...


Watching Life Roll By – People watching at its best!

As a traveler I often have time to just sit and watch the world roll by, and it’s fascinating what I see. This post is a chance for me to share it with you. I did not...

businessman businesswoman using laptop and tablet at airport

The speed of travel – Not all WiFi is created equal

When it comes to staying connected on the road, some of a traveler’s toughest challenges are often WIFI access. Sure most hotels/hostels offer some sort of free/semi...


In elicottero sul Grand Canyon

Lui si chiama Mike. E non è il classico yankee. Nonostante la pelle lentigginosa, il baffo alla Freddie Mercury e le insolite abitudini culinarie dell’americano...

Wandering USA: Crossing the Border

My last day in Arizona was spent driving through the Petrified Forest National Park. It was well worth the detour and though some people don’t see the point in...

Wandering USA: My Personal Rain Cloud

After many months filled with unfortunate events and setbacks, my motorhome made it out of California. It’s now also named Murphy… So it will be referred to as...

Abra Kanabra

Sydney called me a few weeks ago to ask if I wanted to take a trip to Utah over her Spring Break. “Of course!” I said, remembering her photos from there last year....


Havasu Falls

Canyon, rocks, dust, and then … an oasis that you would never expect to see: waterfalls, natural pools, blue water, trees enclosed in deep gorges. An Indiana Jones...


A path to Heaven

“We are on the Hualapai Hilltop, a 900-meter-high hilltop on the Hualapai Canyon. We have to reach Supai, the most remote village of the United States of America....

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