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Travel to hawaii

Kiss From The World's Archives

Foster Botanical Gardens on Oahu, Hawaii - Solo Travel to Hawaii - Kiss From The World

Foster Botanical Gardens on Oahu

About a week into my Hawaii trip, I was feeling a little underwhelmed with Oahu. I guess I wasn’t expecting the levels of beach trash and homelessness, and I...


Exploring the Best Hotels of the American West

The US West has always had a romantic appeal for travelers who grew up on stories and films of cowboys, outlaws, and the untamed wilderness. Of course, there is much...

A panoramic of Big Beach

Paradise Bound in Maui, Kauai, and more

With an abundance of beautiful coastline all over the country, you might be hard pressed to decide on which to claim for your next vacation. Sun soaked states like...


I Can’t Swim, but I Can Hang Ten

I spend part of a summer in Hawaii as a travel nurse, and I had a list of must-do’s while I was there. On the top of the list was surfing. I thought there was no...


Party Wave Hawai`i

Anyone who surfs knows what a party wave is. They can be fun, but at the same time frustrating and dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. A mix of strong...


Maui Mad Man

An oh shit moment truly going to shit. I never had my heart pound so vigorously in my chest before. Frighten doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt as we raced...


Banzai Pipeline

Dome, I told you that I didn’t want to bathe in those waves, but you wouldn’t budge, and forced me to. “Come on, dive in, it’s super fun!”....

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii - Sweet Kiss at the Beach - Kisses From The World - Travel and People Magazine

Lanikai Beach

Here we are in Hawaii, the place that you, Dome, call your home. While we were here, I was convinced that you were going to propose. So delusional! I waited for that...

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