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Travel to Bulgaria

A comprehensive budget travel guide to traveling around Bulgaria with tips and advice on things to do, see, ways to save money, and cost info

The magic of the lake - Pravets, Bulgaria - Travel WOW Shot Photo - Kiss From The World

The magic of the lake – Pravets, Bulgaria

Pravets is a beautiful, green area that retains its identity and respect  the natural environment, in Bulgaria. In the area there is a lake, which is definitely its...

A weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria

A few months ago while on a business trip in Sofia, I found some free time to walk around the city and take a few photos! Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and its...

The worst advice to give someone traveling to Bulgaria

Don’t venture out of Sofia. Ditch the noisy capital and go on a weekend getaway in the quiet, pristine Rodopi Mountains or visit the gorgeous rose valley in Karlovo,...

9 Things my Bulgarian mom taught me about cooking

1. Don’t fret about it. My very first attempts to cook were beyond pathetic. My mussaka attempt turned into plain mashed potatoes with ground beef on the side. I even...

How to become culturally bulgarian in 20 steps

1. Complain about the little things “My teeth hurt from this sticky halva” or “Uff, I’m stuck in traffic at Aleksandar Nevsky again,” or “Alena lied about my...


16 US Habits I Lost when I Moved to Bulgaria

1. Ordering in If you try to order food in Bulgaria and still live with your parents, you are in for an hour long tirade by mom and dad on how you don’t deserve...

Plovdiv – The Old City with the timeless charm!

The Old City of Plovdiv is a unique traveling experience on its own for every single visitor to the city.. it will win you right away with its uniqueness, history and...

Kaliakra Cape

Kaliakra Cape is one of the most beautiful places along the Bulgarian coast. Kaliakra was declared a protected area because of its great beauty. It is a unique...

Queen Marie Castle

If you are Romanian and you spend your holiday in Bulgaria don't you dare to miss Balchik (part of Romania between 1913 and 1940) and Queen Marie Castle! On the...


In the region of Bansko, Bulgaria!

A few days ago, I spent a lovely weekend in the region of Bansko, in southern Bulgaria. Bansko is mostly known as a winter destination offering a well organized ski...

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