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Travel to Finland

A comprehensive budget travel guide to traveling around Finland with tips and advice on things to do, see, ways to save money, and cost info

Staying on a budget in Helsinki

This November spent some time in Helsinki ,and during my trip stayed a few days in a short term rental studio apartment,right in the heart of the city,close to all the...

Polar nights, ice fishing and snowmobiles in Lapland

The polar nights and Northern Lights ensure that you will have an experience seen only in Lapland, and the winter is also full of things to do. The thing we Finns love...


One night at Glass Igloo in Lapland

The best place to watch Aurora Borealis is definitely Glass Igloo!


Snow covers eveything

Narnia-like views in Lapland near Ivalo Airport.


10 Essential travel tips for visiting Finland

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. Venture into unchartered waters, if you will. Take the untrodden path. You get the picture… I am going to dish...

7 day itinerary for Finland: Did I mention the cows wear bras in Finland?

Check out my travelogue of Finland, titled 'The Cows Wear Bras In Finland' here if you're confused as to what I'm talking about. (Note: I'm not...

'Have you seen the "cow bras"?'

I frowned in response to this question. Cows – in brassieres? Why couldn’t the cows in Nivala embrace Scandinavian morals and ‘go Woodstock’, if you know what I...

Get to know Helsinki through its food culture

During the summer time Helsinki is at its best and a city worth discovering, and good way to get to know it even better is to take a tour that gives you insight into the...


De "CAZAR" auroras a los bosques nevados de Laponia

PORTADA | Cómo la experiencia única de “cazar” auroras boreales en Laponia finlandesa se convirtió en una aventura nocturna de bosques nevados, con ríos...

For the Love of Lapland – Among Snow, Santa and Sleighs

My absolute best holiday ever was in Finnish Lapland! Never mind the cold, I love snow and the experiences I had in just a short week felt like a whole month fully...

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