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Travel to Ghana

A comprehensive budget travel guide to traveling around Ghana with tips and advice on things to do, see, ways to save money, and cost information.


Welcome to Jurassic Park

1/5/16 Officially leaving Obuasi pulled at the heart. I'm 100% confident I'll be back in the near future, but it is sad to know there is a chance I may never...


African Rainforest Hikes + No Trails

1/4/16 By this point, I think it's safe to say that there is never a normal day on a trip to Africa. We started out at usual: breakfast at 7:15, at the field by 8....


Dance Parties + African Chiefs?

A 7 AM church service is practically nonexistent in the States, except maybe the occasional sunrise service on Easter morning. But if anyone was tired when we walked...


The Ghana Adventure Begins!

So I just had typed this whole post out and the page reloaded and deleted it all… I guess I should say welcome to Ghana (wifi). Given that unfortunate event,...

The Smocks of Northern Ghana

Anytime i go to the city of Wa (Wa is the regional capital of the Upper West a post on the town coming soon) i see a lot of shops which sell smocks of all kinds and for...

My 2015 Travel Bucket List

Writing a 'bucket list' of places i want to go always gets me excited. A bucket list for me is like a to-do list without the added pressure. For the past year,...


Kumasi: An Anthology of Statues

I have been staying in Kumasi the capital city of the Ashanti region of Ghana for the past two weeks now. I must say my stay has been awesome. So many things to do and...

Confessions of an African Backpacker

This is my last post on the series of my one week backpacking tour where i backpacked from the upper west region of Ghana to the upper east. I am doing a short question...


Tourist Site: Wechiau Hippopotamus Sancturary-Ghana

Wechiau hippopotamus sanctuary is a wild hippopotamus habitat located in the Upper west region of Ghana. Wechiau is the last town and district capital of the wa-west...


Bolgatanga: Statues and Colorful Basket

Bolgatanga the land of colorful cane baskets and statues that is what i noticed about the place. From Paga (the last town on the upper eastern border of Ghana) i made my...

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