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Travel to Korea South

A comprehensive budget travel guide to traveling around Korea South with tips and advice on things to do, see, ways to save money, and cost information.

So you think you know Kimchi

Representing Korea Korean food is happening. It’s popping up everywhere and I believe it’s been a while. There are Korean-American, Korean European chefs...

Working with locals in Korea

A few weeks ago we ventured to the beach for a relaxing day out. To properly soak up the atmosphere and scenery, we decided to go for a walk along the waterfront. A few...


Top 5 must-know Korean norms

1. Greetings Koreans, particularly men, tend to be vastly more touchy feely than their western counterparts. It could come in many forms, the first of which being what...

So you think you’re moving to Mokpo?

With a week of acclimatising under our belts it was off to Mokpo, a small city on the southwest coast of Korea, to start a new chapter. Or so we thought. I was pulled...


Taxi Terror

Travelling to Shinyang Park Hotel on a morning like any other, I noticed two disconcerting things about my taxi driver. Her driving, akin to the majority of Korean taxi...


Departing Procedure from Incheon International Airport

I took the all stop train at Seoul Station going to Incheon International Airport. Even if the travel time from the guesthouse to the airport was only about an hour, I...


What To Do in Seoul in Three Days

I arrived at Incheon International Airport at about 6:00 am, eight hours after departing from Singapore. The weather was good; I could feel a crisp, clear autumn day....


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

A superb temple and a tourist spot along the shoreline.


Gamcheon Culture Village

Santorini of Korea.

A Seoul-ful Moment

Moving to a new country is not an easy undertaking nor is it for the faint of heart. Uprooting and upheaval are part and parcel with any move, especially when the...

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