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Travel to Malaysia

A comprehensive budget travel guide to traveling around Malaysia with tips and advice on things to do, see, ways to save money, and cost information.

Three Days In Penang, Malaysia

I decided to take a yearly birthday trip in 2012. I guess I have already reached that point when huge parties and celebrations aren’t big deal anymore. When I hit the...


Beautiful Sunrise!

Chew Jetty is an old Chinese water settlement and it is the largest and the liveliest jetty in Penang.


Turtle’s Nest

Show some love for all the marine life that are being threatened daily by human callousness.

24 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

Many flights out of Australia and into Asia or beyond stop in Kuala Lumpur before continuing onto the final destination. I flew Malaysian Air (which was very affordable,...

Penang – the city of street art

One of the reasons why I love Penang is a historical centre of George Town that has developed into quite the arts and cultural district since the inception of the George...

A fancy garden cafe!

If you are looking for a nice café with a real garden with live plants then you would definitely love this place! The set-up of this café is fantastic and so...

The Unique Kiss of Henna

Henna are tiny trees found in nature, but these herbs are better known to the world for the art that their pigment allows us to create. It has been suggested that the...


Kuala Lumpur: Why A Long Weekend is Long Enough

Kuala Lumpur is a fascinating mix of old and new, where crumbling buildings sit alongside skyscrapers and where you are just as likely to see a local wearing a Niqab as...


Mr Favourite City – Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur (KL) was my first stop in Southeast Asia after five months in India. It is a city I would return to numerous times and a place I...


Facing My Fears of Long-Term Travel

According to, fear is defined as “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the...

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