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Travel to Morocco

A comprehensive budget travel guide to traveling around Morocco with tips and advice on things to do, see, ways to save money, and cost information.


MARRAKECH DIARY: An insight into a city that awakens the senses.

I was greeted by a familiar musky smell as I entered the arrivals terminal at Menara airport on a warm North African night. I associated this smell with the east as...


Mythology in Morocco: Hercules’ Cave

Hercules’ Cave is a popular natural attraction in Cape Spartel, just outside of Tangier. The opening which gives toward the sea is seemingly the reversed outline...

Djemaa El Fna: il cuore pulsante di Marrakech

Questa piazza è semplicemente indescrivibile: unica nel suo genere, stra affollata, stra chiassosa, tutto STRA; descriverla non rende il suo fascino, così sotto questo...


Blue Boats of Esssaouira

This is one of my favorite scenes out of Essaouira, Morocco. The blue fishing boats that line the harbor are a feast for the eyes! Take a stroll down the city streets...

Un thé à la menthe, s’il vou plaîs!

The moroccan tea, atay, besides being a national drink, is also a sign of friendship, generosity, hospitality and, above all, a tradition! In Morocco link, the history...


Night Life

3 hours from home Morocco Is incredibly different, culturally and climate wise. For the two weeks I was staying in a hotel and from there it was hard to see the night...

A Rollercoaster ride over the Atlas mountains

My trusted travel companion Grace and I decided to spend a few days in Morocco. She loves to browse the soukhs and to look at all the wonderful and colorful things (and...


Azrou Weekly Berber Market

Azrou hosts it weekly market on Tuesdays. One of the largest markets of its kind in the area, it supplies the locals with any and every shopping need. Here is the...


View of Spain from Morocco’s Sfiha Plage

There are 3 Spanish enclaves in Morocco, 2 of which are on Moroccan soil (Sebta and Melilla). The third is this island just off one of Al Hoceima’s most beautiful...


Riffi Straw Hats

Straw hats are popular throughout Morocco for shade from the hot sun. Those with colorful pompoms and yarn “streamers” are from Chefchaouen in the Rif...

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