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Travel to United States of America – USA

A comprehensive budget travel guide to traveling around United States of America – USA with tips and advice on things to do, see, ways to save money, and cost information.


Ken: a veteran street vendor in NYC

“I’m Ken, a Vietnam veteran with a license to sell merchandise in New York City. I love my job even if things are a little bit difficult because we often have to...


Ninja New York: food and excitement in a ninja village

“Ninja New York is a very unique restaurant. It replicates a ninja village in New York and shows how ninjas used to live many centuries ago. Our ‘waiters’ wear the...


C.K. Chu: the ultimate Tai Chi Master

“I’m C.K. Chu and I teach Tai Chi Chuan in New York City. Tai Chi Chuan is one of the most popular martial arts in the world, one of the most valuable treasures...


Allan & Suzi: Home of Retro Fashion

Allan: “We sell vintage clothing, shoes, and bags from the Seventies and Eighties. Everyone comes here because there are one of a kind things which are totally...


Grand Opening: creating interactive stores and events

On average the space changes every three months and some of our more popular concepts are: a drive-in theater, for which we had a 1965 Ford Falcon; a ping-pong club with...


Taxi driver: from Bangladesh to NYC

“I’m from Bangladesh and I’m a taxi driver in New York City. I graduated but I couldn’t get a job. Coming to New York was my dream and finally I made...


Cameron: working and singing in the Fifties

“I’m Cameron McCabe and I’m a waitress at the Ellen’s Stardust Diner, the only restaurant with a singing waitstaff: we sing Fifties, Broadway, and...


The Bowery Mission: a house for the homeless

“The Bowery Mission has been serving the poor, the lost, and the homeless in New York City for over 130 years. We serve about 700-800 people every day, and we have...


Monument Valley

Danger! Do you remember that? I wanted to take a picture of us while I held you in my arms. We tried but I lost my balance and… we risked falling off into the ravine...



A heartbreaking sunset, 51°C, 86 meters under sea level, and under our feet, a huge pit that forms one of the world’s biggest water basins. It’s incredible! This is...

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