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Cruisers’ AA (accumulated acumen)

With over 1,800 tips, tricks, words of wisdom and ideas on cruising, interspersed with more than 100 short stories, Cruisers’ AA provides all the advice you need to go cruising NOW and improve your life on board.

With great ideas on voyage preparation, piracy, pets, kids, communication, health, boat handling, electrical, equipment, fun & games, maintenance & repairs and so much more, it will show you how to enhance your cruising life.


“Do you long for a life of cruising? Are you currently on passage? Perhaps you simply dream of great possibilities that seem so far from your daily life. This book bridges the gap and gives you the means of escape. With Cruisers’ AA, you will gaze through the porthole into another world, a world where you can live freely and improve your life”.

“Already cruising? If you are a cruiser, then you already know the joy of living freely – this book will help you make cruising life even more enjoyable, and show you how to stretch your budget to allow you to live freely for longer”.

“If you are a firm landlubber, are interested in knowing what happens ‘out there’ and want some great tips that could help you improve your life too, take a look – you might be surprised at what you find”.

“Cruisers’ AA slices through the myths of living on board. It shows you that once you have the right boat, anything is possible. Turn your dreams into reality with advice from hundreds of cruisers”.

“The hardest part about going cruising is making the decision to stop writing lists, untie your lines and get going. This book will help steady your fears and sink your doubts. Thought provoking questions and answers will steer you on the right tack. Once underway, this book will provide neat ideas on improving, maintaining and loving your cruising life”.

“Finding the right boat is just the beginning . . .”.



Jackie Parry



21 August 2013



Paperback & Digital






Paperback Copy
Digital Copy






Profile photo of Jackie Parry

Originally from the UK, Jackie is now an adopted Australian. She grew up with horses in the UK until she lost someone very close. Disillusioned with life she ran away to Australia and met and married Noel. They decided to buy a boat and set sail. So within her first year of living in a foreign land she was getting used to a foreign husband, and a foreign life on board!Mariah II took Jackie & Noel around the world. Pyewacket II (purchased in San Francisco) took them across the Pacific Ocean for a second time on a more southerly route. They have sailed around the planet, plus they have:•Traversed the Pacific Ocean twice: the first time on the ‘milk-run’, the second time exploring further south to Easter Island, Pitcairn and the Gambier Islands (aka Mangareva Islands).•Skippered commercial vessels internationally.•Taught commercial maritime and skippered Marine Rescue boats.•Written several hundred magazine articles worldwide and co-written a pilot book (in America).•Traversed The Great Loop in the USA plus Canada’s Great Lakes and the French Canals.•Written and published Cruisers’ AA (accumulated acumen) with over 1,800 tips, tricks, ideas and advice on living on board, with short stories and articles.•Almost completed the next book Of Foreign Build, about their lives on board Mariah and how much Jackie changed from not knowing one end from the other end of a boat, to becoming a maritime professional and teacher!They have both achieved Certificate II & IV in Maritime (Master 4 & 5) and hold MED3 (Marine Engine Driver) certificates.

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