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Experience Chhattisgarh on the road

Chhattisgarh, with its stunning wildlife sanctuaries and waterfalls, a fascinating tribal culture and handicrafts tradition, is gradually creating a niche for itself in the tourism map of India. ‘Experience Chhattisgarh on the road’ takes one on a road trip to some of the state’s most fascinating destinations and captures the local flavour of the state. The drives are from four nodal points – Raipur, Bilaspur, Ambikapur and Jagdalpur in Bastar. These bustling cities have ample accommodation facilities from where you can explore the destinations around in a day or slightly longer trips. There is an additional drive, to the northern-most corner of the state, Jashpur. Besides the fabulous jungles, excavations, caves featuring wondrously shaped speleothems and pilgrimage hotspots the state is known for, this guidebook takes you to the little-seen Dipadih in the north, the unsung temples of Barsoor in the south, a little-known megalithic burial site – and a visit to a Dokra artist’s house as well as to the haats or rural, local markets.



Thommen Jose



15 July 2015









Paperback Copy






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After taking a master degree in communication and journalism, Thommen Jose tried to sit behind a desk as a sub editor with a national newsweekly but did not last very long. An avid adventurer and distance biker, he soon discovered that he has to hit the road quite often to keep going. Currently based out of Delhi, he develops communication collaterals for the development sector, has scripted and directed a travel series on Tibet and Nepal, writes travelogues for newspapers and recently wrote and photographed a travel guide, ‘Experience Agra and around on the road’ which was published by the Times of India. is his blog, travelogues from which find their way into national and international newspapers, magazines and travel websites.

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