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Meeting the Middle East: Travels in Arabia

Meeting the Middle East is a lighthearted travelogue through twelve countries of Arabia. Starting in the Gulf State of Qatar, Jason Smart sets out on a whirlwind tour that takes him from futuristic skylines to the ancient temples of Petra and Byblos.

Among his adventures in this often-misunderstood part of the world, he swims in the Dead Sea, takes a transit through Saudi Arabia, sees the bullet holes of Beirut and almost succumbs to heat exhaustion in Bahrain. Find out how a Land Cruiser rams him off the road in Qatar, and why, in Kuwait, he almost gets into a fight with a large man wearing a white robe. As his journey continues, he takes a day trip to Israel, has a memorable encounter with a Turkish barber in Istanbul and experiences the warmth of the Kurdish people in Iraq. His journey ends in Ajman, the smallest of the United Arab Emirates, where he gets to see some of the more unsavoury sights of the Middle East.

Meeting the Middle East is Jason Smart’s ninth travel book.



Jason Smart



01 August 2015



Paperback & Digital






Paperback Copy
Digital Copy






Profile photo of Jason Smart

Jason Smart was born in 1971 in Middlesbrough, Northern England. After a brief stint as a civil engineer, he became a driving instructor and then a primary school teacher. He now lives in the Middle East with his wife.A major traveller, Jason has been to over 100 countries, spanning six continents, including some less-travelled nations such as Paraguay, Bangladesh, Rwanda and the Comoros. His first travel book, The Red Quest, described his mission to visit every country of the former Soviet Union, plus the six Warsaw Pact nations.Watch this space for more information about Jason Smart or visit his website by Jason Smart available on Amazon:The Red QuestFlashpacking through AfricaThe Balkan OdysseyTemples, Tuk-tuks and Fried Fish LipsPanama City to Rio de JaneiroBite Size Travel in North AmericaTake Your Wings and Fly

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