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Category: Backpacker


Budget Winter Getaways in Arizona

Arizona has an undeniable old West vibe with stunning natural beauty and national landmarks like the Grand Canyon drawing in plenty of tourists during the year. However,...


7 Brazil Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

I recently had the pleasure of adding Brazil to my growing list of most beautiful countries to visit. I took 9 flights, visited 10 cities and lounged on a handful of...

Siete Colores en la Laguna de Bacalar

El sobrenombre “Laguna de Siete Colores” me pareció solamente un truco publicitario para atraer turistas a la Laguna de Bacalar, me ha sucedido muchas veces que...

Do's and Don'ts of packing for a short backpacking experience in South East Asia

If there is one thing I quite openly admit to hating, that would be packing. Even if it is for the most amazing holiday in the world, I hate it. I would much rather pick...

Atardecer inolvidable en el desierto Guajiro

Cuando pienso en el desierto, cualquier desierto, me imagino un lugar árido y hostil donde los pies se hunden en la arena y el insoportable calor provoca sed, pero...

Most Overrated Places in Latin America

Having spent over 2 years travelling up and down this fabulous stretch of the globe, it goes without staying that I’m pretty enchanted by Latin America, its places and...

(Almost) Around Sri Lanka in 4 Days!

“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu This year of 2014 I made a New Year’s resolution that I would travel to at least...


Ecuador, Visiting My Sponsored Boy Marco

Travel As A Way Of Life My name is Rebekka Lien, I was born in Hamburg, Germany. I moved to Taipei, Taiwan when I was 5 years old and eventually immigrated to Los...

386 days of travel – India – Part I

If India doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger I stepped out of my hotel to explore the area and I could only manage thirty minutes. A combination of jet lag,...


From Managua to León…

We never had any intention of actually staying in Managua so after re-organizing our packs we passed out, knowing that we were heading to Léon early in the morning. To...

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