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Category: Bicycle trips


A Guide to Biking Through Portland

Portland is one of the most progressive cities in the United States, in terms of urban spaces and eco-friendly city planning. Lovers of the outdoors and environmentally...


Cycling for a Cause – Ride2Light

Cycling for oneself is a good exercise. But cycling for others is devoting oneself to bring a change in the lives of the ones, who need it the most. Can there be a...

10 Benefits of Traveling by Bicycle

1 You can stop anywhere or everywhere It’s not much fun when you sit on a bus; see something amazing, but you can’t tell the bus driver to stop if you want to take a...


Doctor Who, Cycling In India

In November 2008 my teenage son Sam and I reached India, having already cycled around 5,000miles from Ireland. Due to increased terrorism outbreaks we had been unable to...


I like to ride my bicycle…

The bicycle. It's made a comeback. All types, for all people, big and small. I blame my sister-in-law for getting me into this whole two wheeler thing when she...


A Gili and a Goodbye

After much consideration I made the decision to visit Gili Air just for a day. The initial plan was so cycle to Bangsal, catch the Public Boat to Gili Air, stay a few...


A One-Day Lesson on the Road

The Ferry from Bali to Lombok took about 6 hours – the boat left an hour late and we waited for another 30 minutes to dock the boat. After all the trucks, buses and...


The cockroaches are rocking my boat to Lombok

There is not much going on in Padangbai. The strip along the harbor is the main tourist area with a few dive schools, homestays, restaurants and the normal...


Memories, Moments and a Merciless Sun to Padangbai

My alarm went off at 04h00…but I forgot to turn up the volume of the iPod before I went to bed, so I woke up too casually, not with a big bang. I got up, decided to...


Lazy Days in Ubud

I’ve been in Ubud for quite a while now, I think 5 days? Maybe 6. I’m not sure anymore – that just shows how relaxed I am. I think the last time life was as...

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