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Category: Camping


How to See Australia’s Whitsundays from only $5.50 a day

Situated in Queensland’s tropical waters, the Whitsundays are one of the jewels in Australia’s tourism crown. An archipelago of 74 islands, scatted among the Great...


The Land of Infinite Wishes

Those who grew up watching Disney movies are most likely familiar with the tune, “If you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires...


What Yosemite Means to Me

Yosemite National Park is and will always be a place I hold near and dear to my heart. I first visited the park with my sister and uncle back in 2004 and was immediately...

Unexpected Paradise

This is the first blog I have ever written, so I figure I should introduce myself a little! After graduating university in 2012 with a BSc in Forensics and CSI I quickly...

The Majestic Tetons

Grand Tetons National Park, located just south of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, made famous for the majestic mountains which forged the environment of this...

Trip of a Lifetime

Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872 as the first national park to preserve the vast array of geysers littered throughout the park. Although the main...

Wandering USA: Twilight Zone

When I was about to cross into Mississippi, my engine started acting awkwardly (for lack of a better term). So I stopped at the 84 Quick Stop in Ferriday, Louisiana. I...

Exploring the Mary Valley, Queensland

Every time we get a day off together, the boy and I make it a priority to explore somewhere new. Previously we’ve visited many of the national parks and towns of the...

Beaches, Trees and Tsunamis

On my first day in Humbolt County, Syd showed me around Arcata. They have a community park that is a mini redwood forest. I say mini, because the school makes sure the...


To the Redwoods or Bust

I woke up one morning to the roof AC unit dripping water. A leak? Driving an old RV wasn’t the best of ideas, but what other option did I have? I was heading into...

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