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Category: Lifestyle


Life after sabbatical

So what happens after, after you’ve set your self free, explored the world by will and declared yourself a carrier of the gypsy heart syndrome? Life goes on. And just...


How to impress a German – 7 top expressions

Those people who have lived for a while in a foreign country, surely assimilated some of the culture's customs, learnt the basics of the native spoken language and...



This is an exerpt from my new book "Kefani", due out in April 2016. I was one of the last children of the British Empire. South Africa 1955. So, we had a...


Hope To See The New World

I was in the village near to Jaipur which is called Kanota for a photo walk with my fellow photographers. we were enjoying clicking the village life and its people. Very...


10 Habits of Highly Optimistic People

There’s a lot of feel-good stuff out there that implores readers to look at the bright side and see the glass half-full. Say we already understand optimistic people...


Living with a dragon – Phoenix in the summer

I can feel the heat as I open the door to the condo, my helmet strapped on my head. The heat hits me like a wall of flame, instantly causing sweat to start to form on my...


The Delights and Difficulties of Travel Friendships

Surely one of the greatest joys of travelling is the meeting of new people. Often, when I think back to the best places or happiest adventures I’ve had when...


Watching Life Roll By – People watching at its best!

As a traveler I often have time to just sit and watch the world roll by, and it’s fascinating what I see. This post is a chance for me to share it with you. I did not...

One happy journey from pillar to post

Land proprietorship in Kerala is classified under three broad no-need-to-quantify heads: muttam (yard), parambu (farm) and estate (estate). The lack of need to quantify...



The other day I listened to some folks sitting next to me in a bar talking about the cushion covers they were going to put in their formal dining room, renovations they...

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