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Category: Music

The Beatle Ashram - Music - Travel to India - Kiss From The World

The Beatle Ashram

On the outskirts of the town of Rishikesh and in sight of the holy Ganges can be found the remains of the ashram founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This is where, in...


Ziro Festival Of Music – An Experience of Lifetime

Ziro Festival of Music has become one of the India's famous outdoor music festivals. This festival is organized in the far off land of Arunachal Pradesh and for 3...


Wandering USA: Birthday at Myrtle Beach

I got to Myrtle Beach with just a few hours to spare before the first night of wild fun. And I was sicker than a dog. I took DayQuil, Mucinex DM and a nap. Then Zach and...


lyrics that sing to your traveling soul

I have always been a huge music buff. I may not be musically inclined, but in high school I was very often referred to as 'the girl with the headphones on'....

Travel Playlist

I often get my music taste from people whom I surround myself with. My cousin Patrick molded my early love of Reggae and “hippie” music, then my teen friends were...


Road Trip Rhapsody

On every list I make, for every vacation I take, there’s the essential iPod and charger as an item somewhere near the top of the electronics category. Many times,...


The Hideaway Cafe, a unique listening room experience

There is something to be said about a place where you go and listen to local music. You can go to a local bar or concert, but when you’re there, can you truly...


A Night At The Opera

What an experience! Before our last networking trip to Venice, the wife researched and found a place called Musica Palazzo–it's a very intimate opera...


Visiting the Opera: It's Not As Scary As You Think!

Seeing an Opera House is practically standard tourist repertoire nowadays. Since there are so many beautiful ones around the world, they regularly make it onto 'The...

Music to Travel By

I am not a musical person. I have zero co-ordination and I mime to pretty much everything that involves using singing including, but not limited too, school...

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