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Category: National Parks

Tourist Places in India Where You Go For Jungle Safari - Travel Advice - Travel and People Magazine - Kiss From The World

7 Tourist Places in India Where You Go For Jungle Safari

Behind the thick bamboo bushes hides the ferocious tiger, waiting patiently for its victim. The meditative hypnotic trance of the skies above is disturbed occasionally...

Mt Osorno

Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

We’re going to the Lake District, they told us when our South America cruise called at the Chilean port of Puerto Montt. We usually associate those words with the tidy...


Sun, Sand and Wilson’s Prom

I spend a lot of time detailing different aspects of travel, predominately about overseas destinations. However, people have pointed out to me that I rarely mention...

Falls of Water - Iguazu Falls - Waterfalls in Iguazu - Travel to Argentina - Kiss From The World

Falls of Water

‘Poor Niagara’ (Eleanor Roosevelt) You will come across different spellings for the falls. On the Argentinian side, where they speak Spanish, it’s...

Trip - viagem

Chapada dos Veadeiros: welcome to Paradise!

Welcome to Paradise! It is not surprising that there are several alternative communities in the region of “Chapada dos Veadeiros” . The location is perfect to put...

Slovak Paradise: One Day Hiking Trip

Sipping coffee in the kitchen of my mum's apartment with a spectacular view and watching other people rushing to work in my hometown made me feel that I had to do...


Sunset premonitions

Walking towards my hiking destination all I could think of was the first time I ever stepped foot on this same trail. Why did I keep coming back and wondering if things...

Red Rocks and Yellow Water

In retrospect, maybe it would have been better to spend two or three days in the Kakadu National Park that to just take a day trip, for it’s a long coach ride from...

In the forest of Dadia, Thrace, Greece!

A few days ago I was lucky to spend a weekend in the forest of Dadia, in Evros, a totally unique place! It is located about four hours away from Thessaloniki. The trip...

Mount Cook in the Moonlight

The other night, Kyle and I spent 6 hours walking through a fairy tale. And when I say fairy tale, I mean that the scenery we were hiking through didn't seem like...

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