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Category: Rail travel


More Luxury Trains I Want To Ride

As I stated in an earlier post, I love travelling by train and I’ve added a few more train journeys to my bucket list. They are luxurious, exotic with routes that...


Trains Of The World

One of my favourite ways to travel is by train. It's slower than taking to the air, but, what's the rush? Don't we all need to slow down and enjoy? Train...

5 things I learned from using the JR rail pass

One spring I flew in to Haneda airport and ambitiously tried to see a city a day by rail. It can be done but the itineraries have to be kept short and hotels needs to be...

InterRailing in Europe II – Night Sleeper Train from Krakow to Vienna

There’s a unique sense of bustle and excitement when boarding a night sleeper train, especially in a foreign country. I know it’s mainly down to the cultural...


You won’t forget this train journey anytime soon

Former summer capital of the British colonial administrators of Burma and located on a plateau, Pyin Oo Lwin has a refreshingly cool climate. The eerie town is spread...


The Rift valley railways

When it comes to traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa one has options. There are comfortable luxury buses, expensive of course. There are less comfortable, less expensive...


How I Sneaked My Cat On-board A Train and Other Stories

Well, there are no ‘other stories’. Only how I sneaked my cat on-board a train. Read on, if it interests you. 12th Sept, 2012: Delhi A kitten, barely 10 days old,...

InterRailing in Europe

I've got my InterRail pass in my pocket and I'm setting off this weekend (8th June) for a quick scrabble around some European highlights. I've only got...


Marrakech Express 3 – Morocco

In Morocco you’ll find the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, the intimidating sands of the Sahara, fabulous Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches, medieval medinas, snake...


Marrakech Express – Spain

The Spanish rail network is exceptionally good and cheap compared to the UK. They have hi-speed, express and slow regional trains so you can get just about anywhere....

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