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Category: Sport


Ski Season Splurges & Savings

There’s no getting around it: skiing is an expensive sport. The equipment — skis, boots, poles, coats, goggles — can set you back hundreds, if not thousands, of...

A weekend with the snow

Who knew you could go snow skiing in Africa!? And … it’s one of the best trips I’ve been on! Ok bearing in mind, I’ve never been skiing overseas, so I can’t...

Learning to surf in Tamarindo

I came to Tamarindo nearly 13 years ago before most of it even existed. For this trip, I was young, with little experience, and traveling with my family. Little did I...

Winter Tale Chamonix

Nowhere on the planet do mountains explode from the Earth as do those in help the Chamonix Valley of France. This year couldn’t have started better…There is...


What makes a golf course great?

So here’s a question I often get: ‘We’re planning a golfing holiday to South Africa, and would like to play some of your great courses. What do you recommend?’ I...


XI° Giornata Nazionale del Trekking Urbano

Oggi vi segnalo un’ottima iniziativa per chi vuole unire movimento e cultura. Il 31 ottobre torna la Giornata Nazionale del Trekking Urbano. 37 sono le città...


Bull racing in Karnataka

The Indian state of Karnataka is the traditional home of the lively and exhilarating Kambala buffalo racing festivals. The racing is a hectic affair. Either single...


Kila Raipur Sports Festival 2014

[This post talks about Kila Raipur Sports Festival, an event that involves quite a few sports where animals are the participants. It is likely to hurt the sensibilities...


Vive le Tour!

I certainly don’t consider myself a cycling fan, but living in France, it's a rite of passage to partake in the spectacle of the Tour de France! Last year, for...


I Can’t Swim, but I Can Hang Ten

I spend part of a summer in Hawaii as a travel nurse, and I had a list of must-do’s while I was there. On the top of the list was surfing. I thought there was no...

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