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Category: Travel mishaps

Ethiopia The Trip That Was...and Then Wasn't

Ethiopia: The Trip That Was…and Then Wasn’t

Of all the trips I’ve taken, everything (plus or minus some air travel tribulations) has gone according to plan. So I guess the time had come…we were to be...

Chronicles of a resurrection foretold

Nobody wants to read yet another account of passenger trauma induced by the proclaimed pathological delay of Air India flights. Nor about the anguish inflicted by the...


Travel Blues

Today marked the day of the beginning of an epic travel adventure… not exactly how I had it pictured but at least it will be a funny story to tell and look back...


One night in Bergamo Airport

Staying overnight at airports is no one’s first choice. Staying overnight at Bergamo airport should be everyone's last choice. Ever. I’ve already had the...


Taxi Terror

Travelling to Shinyang Park Hotel on a morning like any other, I noticed two disconcerting things about my taxi driver. Her driving, akin to the majority of Korean taxi...

Ebola – or not

Texas The hotel taxi came to fetch me from the hospital, some 48 hours after being flung, somewhat unceremoniously, off the Dallas to Paris flight because I was running...


Mexico mishaps

I've been in Guadalajara, Mexico for nearly three weeks, and although I'm thrilled to be here, my initial excitement has been dampened a bit by the misfortune...


Warsaw to Poznan by Train that I might have just missed

My first Euro-trip 2011 and on the 2nd day itself I decided to visit Poznan. It was already in my list of places to visit in Poland while I was preparing my itinerary...

Rammed of the road by a white Land Cruiser

The white Land Cruiser approached the rear of our saloon car, flashing its lights. I was overtaking a small bus filled with low-paid immigrant workers. The men were...


Wandering USA: Engine Trouble

I left Clear Springs on Monday to get back to work and have Murphy checked on. First, I stopped in the small town of Meadville again to use the public library for...

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