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Category: U 4 the world


Visit to an African refugee women’s collective

Sometime  ago I had a chance to visit Kuchinate, which is a collective for African asylum seeking  refugee women in southern Tel Aviv.  The women of Kuchinate (means...


Welcome to Jurassic Park

1/5/16 Officially leaving Obuasi pulled at the heart. I'm 100% confident I'll be back in the near future, but it is sad to know there is a chance I may never...


African Rainforest Hikes + No Trails

1/4/16 By this point, I think it's safe to say that there is never a normal day on a trip to Africa. We started out at usual: breakfast at 7:15, at the field by 8....


Dance Parties + African Chiefs?

A 7 AM church service is practically nonexistent in the States, except maybe the occasional sunrise service on Easter morning. But if anyone was tired when we walked...


The Ghana Adventure Begins!

So I just had typed this whole post out and the page reloaded and deleted it all… I guess I should say welcome to Ghana (wifi). Given that unfortunate event,...

Be a voice

When traveling abroad, whether for business or for pleasure, never underestimate the power of remaining others focused. When you decide to put others before yourself,...


Donate to a Worthwhile Cause in Chiang Mai

It has nearly been a year since we arrived in Chiang Mai and in a few weeks, we will be moving along to both freelance full-time and travel around Southeast Asia. Before...

Peru’s First Equality House w/ Voices4Peru

Serving the community of Ventanilla Perú since 2000, Executive Director & Founder Klopp, along with V4PERU Team, launches the vision to have Perú South...


Top 5 best & worst when living & teaching in Thailand

Top 5 Best Things 1. You get to experience a whole entire different culture up close and personal Travelling is awesome, but taking on a teaching job in a foreign...

A Real Cayman Experience

Last night I arrived back home in Miami after a nine day adventure in Grand Cayman. Needless to say, it was the best experience of my life. When people hear "Cayman...

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