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Category: Walking trips

Walking in Rome: three tours for three days - Things to see in Rome, Italy - Circo Massimo - Travel and People Magazine - Kiss From The World

Walking in Rome: three tours for three days

Roma Caput Mundi, they said a long time ago, but nowadays everyone still loves this city! The problem is that it has sooo many things to see, and usually there’s...

Easy Walking in the French Alps

The mention of ‘Alpine walking’, puts a lot of people off. They think it’s ‘serious hard-man stuff’, requiring supreme fitness and lots of arcane ironmongery....

The Kings View on a Sunday

The most popular viewpoint where I live is Kongens Utsikt – the Kings View. The path is not too long, and steep enough, which is why so many of us walk this route...

Hiking El Dorado in the middle of Germany

Welcome to Thuringia, my home state. You know what that meant for me as a kid? Music class taught us traditional German hiking songs, school outings meant hiking around...


Best Hikes for Solo Female Travellers in New Zealand

I love a good hike, it’s as simple as that and what better place to pull on some good shoes and getting moving than in New Zealand, the heartland of epic scenery?...

Vizhinjam: Back to Belita

“We the people…” Das shouted over the staccato din of his rear engine auto rickshaw “are full support of the port.” Das and I were on our way to Mulloor, few...

Camino Primitivo de Santiago

A Question of Belief Presenting myself before one of the "Grand Inquisitors" at the office of the Archbishopric in the ancient Spanish city of Santiago de...

Hiking up to Vassætra

I think that some of us Norwegians tend to kind of forget how beautiful our country is. In a busy life consisting of running back and forth, the stunning scenery around...


4 Best Hiking Trails in Los Angeles

If you’re visiting Los Angeles and have already seen Hollywood and the beaches, you should indulge in a favorite pastime of local Angelenos: hit the hiking trails....

The Most Beautiful Corner of England

The Lake District is consistently voted the UK’s best holiday destination and it really is a remarkable corner of north-west England, one that seems to have a...

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