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Category: Trips for wellbeing and relaxing


5 Destinations That Are Home To Top Yoga Retreats In India

A legacy more than 5000 years old, Yoga is known to have cured even the deadliest diseases where even medical science failed. Now that might be rarity, but it certainly...


Merida a natural SPA

Hello everyone! I´m sure we´ve all been stressed about work, school, personal life, surroundings, etc. So congratulations¡ You are a lucky human being while reading...


Perfect Traveler – Perfect Contradiction

These days it seems that everyone is peddling happiness, mindfulness and wellness. Travel is the world’s biggest industry so it makes sense for hospitality...

A time to relax in a park

Tel Aviv is a bustling city ,filled with energy 24/7 but it also has some very nice and relaxing parks,where you can escape the the city hum,and even pick some herbs for...


A city with Spice: Kochi!

It was time to enter into civilization after being locked up in nature; we headed towards Kochi which is about 2 hour’s drive from Alleppey, Kochi also known as...

Still Water | Still Time: Alleppey

Either you run the day or the day runs you-Jim Rohn Kerala known for its scenic beauty-God’s own country with Still back waters, beaches, banana plantations, tea...

Donkey therapy

The donkey, burro, ezel, asno, asino, ane, esel, asna, donkie.….this gentle long-eared creature has been mistreated and misunderstood for too long over the centuries...

All good stories should start with a drunken bet: Fuentes Georginas, Guatemala

“I’ll bet you a 20 you can’t make it to the end of the pool.” “Done!” I exclaimed. Quite confidently at that. The source of my confidence was three-fold....

Un momento di pace e relax al Laghetto dei Noci

Molini di Triora è la nostra prima sosta in una giornata di luglio alla scoperta di alcuni posticini dell'entroterra ligure. E' un borgo piccolo ma...

'Have you seen the "cow bras"?'

I frowned in response to this question. Cows – in brassieres? Why couldn’t the cows in Nivala embrace Scandinavian morals and ‘go Woodstock’, if you know what I...

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