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Category: Kisses From The World

Send a kiss to the whole world. Our magazine is united by a common theme: a collection of kisses on a backdrop of international landscapes – the witnesses to our reportage.

And the invite is out for everyone to contribute with their photos and videos of kisses. You can participate too! It’s a different way of “being there” and conveying the emotions of your travels.

But also, and above all, it’s a way to bring attention to the backdrop itself, when that backdrop is a world of poverty.

Because a photo that captures the fleeting smiles of men, women and children living in difficulty has the power to stay in the minds of those who see it forever.

Northern Lights in Reykjavik, Iceland - A Kiss From Reykjavik - Travel and People Magazine

Northern Lights

See the northern lights – a true bucket list experience! There is no words to describe how lucky we felt to be able to watch these stunning lights dancing in the...

Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt - A Kiss From The Great Sphinx of Giza - Travel and People Magazine

Great Sphinx of Giza

La esfinge le corría la cara.

Kizhi Pogost, Kizhi Island, Russia - A Kiss From Kizhi Pogost - Travel and People Magazine

Kizhi Pogost

Dipkissing with the two wooden churches built 300+ years ago – without a single nail! Kizhi Island on Russia’s Lake Onega is approx. 300 mi or 483 km NE of St....

Tomorrowland 2017, Boom, Belgium - A Kiss From Tomorrowland - Travel and People Magazine


Tomorrowland 2017… we miss you!!!

Acropolis, Athens, Greece - A Kiss From Acropolis - Travel and People Magazine


I met my boyfriend in 2017 during my vacation in Philippines. He was from Paris and I lived in Dubai. We met every 3 weeks in different places. So far 9 countries (in...

El Yeso, Chile - A Kiss From El Yeso - Travel and People Magazine

El Yeso

Nos despedimos de las Fotos de Chile y de este maravilloso lugar.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India - A Kiss From Taj Mahal - Travel and People Magazine

Taj Mahal

Our day at the Taj Mahal was worthy of a true fairytale.

A Kiss From Fábrica de Chá da Gorreana, Azores, São Miguel Island - Travel and People Magazine

Fábrica de Chá da Gorreana

I love YOU!

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia - A Kiss From Salar De Uyuni - Travel and People Magazine

Salar De Uyuni

Give me a Kiss!

El Nido, Philippines - A Kiss From El Nido - Travel and People Magazine

El Nido

🇺🇸 That moment when you don’t know if you kiss or drink the coconut water 😩 ☼ Our journey has been much better than what we always imagined,...

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