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Category: Kisses From The World


Colorado National Monument

I just love this picture! The landscape is amazing, one of the most beautiful scenarios I’ve ever seen! You definitely have to visit this park if you travel to...


Fire Island Lighthouse on Long Island New York

Love you Debbie (h)


eiffel tower

My solo kiss out to the world.. Catch it and send it back with much love


Arraial do Cabo – RJ

My best moments have been beside you


Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, San Diego, California. Jetty Love.


Docks in South Bristol, Maine

This is my favorite shot from Maine.


The Coast of Maine

Maine is magical.


Owl's Head Lighthouse

Maine is a gorgeous place. We had so much fun exploring the coast.


City Park



Turtle's Nest

Show some love for all the marine life that are being threatened daily by human callousness.

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