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Category: Food

Tea Time Moroccan style - Travel Photo WOW - Kiss From The World

Tea Time

Tea Time… Moroccan style. This is mint tea; extremely popular in Morocco, and said to cure everything from bubonic plague to ingrowing toenails.

Moroccan Pottery - Food Travel Wow Shot - Kiss From The World

Moroccan Pottery

Colourful Moroccan pots on a market stall in Essaouira. The conical vessels are tagines, used to make a delicious stew of the same name.

Suco Bar

Suco Bar

There’s no need to go thirsty in Rio. There’s a water-seller every 50 yards or so, and, if you want something else, there are plenty of suco (fruit juice)...


In the kitchen of the largest free “restaurant” in the world

On my authentic world food “tour”, I couldn`t miss the opportunity to visit Golden temple in Amritsar. A place, where they feed tens thousands of people for...


The best pomegranates ever

A “must eat” when wandering in the streets of New Delhi. And lovely combination of colours too.


Chinese Food

Not your typical Chinese-American food. I got this sesame chicken with brocolli at an Asian market in the midst of Allston, an eclectic and upbeat college neighborhood....


What Did You Have for Breakfast?

Look at life from the sunny side.


Snack Time

This was my absolute favourite snack while on the Camino Frances (in fact, I even wrote a poem on my blog about how much I love it, haha). I ate this every day on The...


National Dish of Morocco

Couscous, steamed semolina grains topped with flavorful stews, is a staple of Moroccan cuisine. Served in homes on Fridays after the weekly prayer service, at...


The Original Slow Cooker

One of Marrakechs’ most famous contributions is the tangia, a slow cooked lamb. It’s only made in this city and Moroccans from across the country come to eat...

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