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Category: Villages


Autumn at Valdelavilla

Autumn colours at Valdelavilla, a remote abandoned village, being restored as a rural complex.


Totem Poles

Totem Pole Park in Ketchikan.



First Nations art on buildings at Carcross, Yukon Territory; a major hub in gold rush days.



Avebury … a village within a stone circle. It’s bigger than Stonehenge, but doesn’t attract anything like as much attention.


River Dee, Llangollen

Llangollen. A town on the main road from London to Holyhead, one of the main ports for ferries to Ireland.


Creek Street, Ketchikan

The oldest, and arguably the most picturesque part of town. It now mainly consists of craft and souvenir shops, but was once a notorious ‘red light’...


The bridge

I was driving from Houston to San Antonio. Borign highway, I thought. Then, I took a secondary road with an unknown destination and I discoverd, Columbus (Texas). A...



Pastel coloured houses grouped around a picturesque Harbour.


Stork´s Luck

A stork makes its nest on top of an old bell tower in Northern Spain. It is believed to bring good luck to the village when a stork makes its home on top of the local...


One night at Glass Igloo in Lapland

The best place to watch Aurora Borealis is definitely Glass Igloo!

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