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Category: Villages


Gamcheon Culture Village

Santorini of Korea.


Mexican colours

September is a very special month in my hometown, is the patriotic month! In every corner of the city’s old towns and lovely barrios you can start to see how all...


The Lion, the wax and silence

The Lion, the wax and silence, describes the sensation of this photo taken at Lingyou Temple in Shimen waterfall area. Qingtian/China. January 2015.


Cockburn Town

A street in Cockburn Town, the capital of Grand Turk.


Interior of a traditional old Romanian house with traditional Romanian costume

There is this special place 10 minutes ride from Ramnicu Valcea in Bujoreni village. The Village Museum in Valcea it’s a trip down memory lane, a sweet reminder of the...


Wonderful Petra

I visited Petra, one of the wonders of the world, earlier this year and I was so happy to see my dream come true ! I think the best moment was the candle-lit walk to the...


Sun, Temple, and Birds

Waking up early in the morning is a real struggle for me. When I was in Myanmar, I had to set my alarm for 4:00 am to catch a glimpse of the morning sun. This beautiful...


The Cycles at The Bridge on the River Kwai

After a long day cycling around Kanchanaburi in 40 degree heat, we made it to the bridge in perfect timing for one of the few trains which pass through.


One Way Ticket to Hell

This wagon was used to transport thousands of jews and other war prisoners to Auschwitz, about 100 people each time. They had to travel on their feet, smashed against...


Mi Rumbo

Part of my advocacy work includes various travels throughout South America, mostly in Perú, and after 14 years of living the journey internationally, I have come to...

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