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Category: Travel book


Meeting the Middle East: Travels in Arabia

Meeting the Middle East is a lighthearted travelogue through twelve countries of Arabia. Starting in the Gulf State of Qatar, Jason Smart sets out on a whirlwind tour...


Travels with a Biro

I don’t take photos, but I sketch … with a biro.   AUTHOR Catherine Broughton   PUBLISHED 01 March 2015   FORMAT Paperback   LANGUAGE...


A Female Guide To Solo Travel: Discover Your Eat Pray Love

Empowering and inspiring, A Female Guide to Solo Travel will dispel any travel myths you have about going solo and help you to overcome any roadblocks that are blocking...


When the Boat Comes In

For many years, Keith Kellett thought cruising was the province of staid, middle aged people. Then, he woke up one morning to realise he was staid and middle aged. And,...


One Thing Leads To Another

A humorous collection of facts, trivia and urban myth following a sometimes vague and tenuous trail, which leads us all over the world.   AUTHOR Keith Kellett...


Three Days In Lisbon: A Love Story

Mags and Marty met outside Buckingham Palace thirty-nine years ago. She was twenty-eight. He was thirty. They have loved each other since then. Kept an ocean apart, they...


Experience Agra and Around: On the Road

Traversing one of the most popular routes, Experience Agra & Around: On the Road takes one on a road trip to some of India’s most fascinating destinations....


10k(m) to Mali – Travelogue of a Solo Journey Through West Africa

This is the diary I kept on my solo expedition from Zimbabwe to Mali (2011) through West Africa with an overland truck that had to be relocated. You’ll read about...


Turkmenistan: Adventures on the Silk Road

A Far Flung Places Travel Guide Turkmenistan is a remarkable country with beautiful and rarely visited ancient ruins from the Silk Road. Highlights include the ancient...


5 Peppermint Grove

Emigration, emigration, emigration…Ruth Travers is leaving Ireland like so many of the Irish Diaspora who have gone before her. But unlike most she’s travelling...

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