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Category: History

Treading in the footprints of the past, History tells the stories, secrets and intrigues behind museums and archeological and geological sites.

From the dynasties of the Pharaohs to the harems of the Middle East and thousand-year-old monuments in Asia, History takes you on a journey into the tales of some of the world’s most famous people, ancient cities and lost civilisations.

Uncover the moments and events that helped to shape the course of the world, and discover the true stories behind recent events, told by those who experienced them in first person.

Elea-Velia: an ancient city of Magna Graecia - Province of Salerno - Italy - The archaeological area of Elea-Velia - Kiss From The World

Elea-Velia: an ancient city of Magna Graecia

“My name is Silvia Braggio. I work as a professional guide in this region – Campania – in South Italy. We are here in the province of Salerno. This is the...


Powerful and majestic: Poseidonia, Paestum – II

“The amphitheater was built with bricks and pillars, some of which collapsed. The spectators could reach their seats through the stairs located on the sides of the...


Powerful and majestic: Poseidonia, Paestum – I

“I’m Silvia, official tourist guide of Paestum. This is the archeological area of Paestum, city of the Magna Grecia founded by the Greeks around 600 BC. The Greeks...

Kubu Island is a national monument that lies on the western shoreline of the Sua Pan, a natural depression of Botswana. Tree of life, archeological facts.

Kubu Island: island of Tree of Life

“Kubu Island is a national monument. The Island lies on the western shoreline of the Sua Pan, a natural depression of Botswana. Thousands of years ago this pan was an...


The desert castle keeper

“My name is Hakim and I’m a Bedouin. I’m the keeper of the Qasr Amra desert castle, built by King Umayyad Caliph Walid I in the VIII century. The king used the...

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