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Category: Video Channel

We’re the same the world over… Or are we?

Here you’ll find all our videos reportage: an extraordinary opportunity to uncover the secrets of a land and its people.

A mosaic where stories, populations, and nations come together to form incredible and unexpected designs, created with the journalistic slant of a reporter.


Hinda: driving the tuk-tuk for a living

“I’m Hinda, I drive the tuk-tuk in Siem Reap. My job is to drive tourists around the temple. Sometimes I start working at sunrise. I think there are around...


Babel Siem Reap: living the Cambodian dream

“I’m Juan and I’m Spanish. I traveled to Cambodia six years ago with my French girlfriend and my Italian friend. We wanted to create an NGO. We all used to...


Village at midday

“We drive down the National Highway 6, the street that runs from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. There are dozens of villages along the road. Since it’s 12 a.m., we decide...


Deep – fried spiders market

“Spiderville: this is how Skoun was named because of its market selling deep-fried tarantulas. They’re like any other crunchy snack served in small bags. People here...


A big small lunch

“It’s time for lunch at the Khan Khang Orphanage, a big small lunch. It’s like a “party”. The children come out to eat in their cafeteria, which...


A step away from civilization

“I’m Ramy, I live in a rural and remote area with my family. My three sisters and I go to a Muslim school. My father is blind and cannot work. We don’t...


Pak Ali: a life spent helping the community

“I was born in Pulau Ubin, I’m 79 and I have seven children. I used to work in the quarry business on the island. In the Malay language, “Pulau Ubin” means...


Pauline: the best chilli crab you’ll ever taste

“Ubin First Stop Reastaurant is located on Pulau Ubin Island, in the North East area of Singapore. It’s a natural reserve. Many come here to relax, do some...


Kebun Baru: Bird Singing Club

“The Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club in Singapore is a club for singing birds. Our training grounds are used daily to train birds like zebra doves, which can cost from...


Tsukiji Fish Market show

“The Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest fish market in the world, a “kitchen” for 12 million people. The smell of fish is really strong, devastating, and you can...

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