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Category: Video Channel

We’re the same the world over… Or are we?

Here you’ll find all our videos reportage: an extraordinary opportunity to uncover the secrets of a land and its people.

A mosaic where stories, populations, and nations come together to form incredible and unexpected designs, created with the journalistic slant of a reporter.


Condomerie: world’s first condom speciality shop

“I’m Ilda. I work at ‘Condomerie’, the only shop entirely dedicated to condoms. It opened in 1987. ‘Condomerie’is not a sexy-shop, it’s a shop where...


Boris Kousimaker: Lambiek, the comiclopedia

“I’m Boris, owner of Lambiek, an original comic book shop. It was opened by my father in 1968, one of the first to open in Europe. When he was young he was...


Dominik & Mika: sugar, water and glucose – II

“When we create customized candies, the first thing we do is draw the project on paper. Now we’re making candies for a restaurant called ‘VLAAR’. Every candy...


Dominik & Mika: sugar, water and glucose – I

“Hi, we’re Dominik and Mika from Papabubble, the most original candy shop of Amsterdam. We make the most amazing handmade candies. Clients and visitors can...


Marta Laurent: Forever Barcelona

“I’m Marta Laurent, I’ve been working as an official guide of Barcelona and the province of Catalonia for 10 years. I started this occupation as a summer...


Montserrat Gabaldà: maigot

“I’m Munzia, owner of the original bar ‘Maigot’. We’re located on ‘La Calle Baciata della Gloria’, a long uphill climb that ends up in Parc Güell. When...


Alicia Cayuela: colours

“I’m Alicia. I paint and also work with ceramics, one of Barcelona’s greatest traditions. I’ve had exhibitions in many galleries both in Barcelona and New...


Katherine McLaughlin: formatgeria La Seu

“I’m Katherine, born and raised in Scotland. I used to own a restaurant there, but I’ve been living in Spain for 20 years. For the last 9 years I’ve been...


Boqueria Market with Marta

“I’m Marta, official guide of Barcelona. We are at the ‘Boqueria Market’, the most ancient market of Barcelona, not to mention Spain’s biggest market. This...


Joan Bayé: Pinotxo

“I’m Joan, owner of the original family-run bar ‘Pinotxo’, located in the Boqueria market. I don’t know why but people come here. It’s surely not for me,...

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