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Category: iPeople

Every trip is an adventure. In every country you meet different people, whether they were born there or “adopted”. Each one has a story to tell, a job to do, an idea of life.

Have you never fancied sharing these unique encounters? Taking hold of a little piece of their story and binding it up with the story that belongs to everyone? This is what we’ve done.

Here you’ll find men and women from all over the world who’ve got something to say. Do you fancy listening? Come on in with us and meet them…


Botswana young chefs cooking up some fun

“I’m Gobonaone Modisane, manager of Young Chefs Academy, a school where we teach kids from 4 to 18 the basic skills of cooking. We have a kinder chefs class (4 to 6...


Fresh seafood buffet in Muisbosskerm: the best seafood restaurant on the beach

“My name is Ian. I’m the owner of Muisbosskerm, open air restaurant opened in 1986. We cook a great variety of local line-fish, from snoek to yellowtail to stockfish...


Cyberpunkers: the masked Truth – II

What was the inspiration for “Fuck The System” ? Was it produced differently compared to your other tracks? “Unlike the rest of our music production, “Fuck...


Cyberpunkers: the masked Truth – I

The “Cyberpunkers” project was born in 2006 as a result of the passion, shared by two young Italian DJs, for the Cyberpunk culture. The aim of this project is to...


The spiciest cinnamon plantation

“I’m Saman. I work in this cinnamon plantation in Meetiyagoda. The cinnamon industry has been thriving in Sri Lanka since the olden times. Most of the people who...


The Stilt Fishermen of Sri Lanka: how to make a fishing rod and fishing hook

“My name is Shan, and I’m a fisherman. I live in the jungle with my family. I build my fishing rod using a branch from the Kitul tree, a tree similar to a palm tree...


Millennium Gems

“I’m Liyana, jeweler and owner of “Millennium Gems”, jewelry and workshop where I create my jewels. To create my pieces I use several types of stones and metals,...


Ratnapura’s precious gem street market

Sapphires, rubies, quartz, garnets, spinels, tourmaline, cat’s eyes, corundum, topaz, alexandrite, zircons, aquamarine… Welcome to Ratnapura, the undisputed land of...


Sri Lanka on a plate – part II

Sebastian: “Many years ago, my mother went on holiday in Sweden for a few months and during her stay she learnt many things on European cuisine, especially Swedish...


Sri Lanka on a plate – part I

“My name is Asela Sebastian Fernando and I’m the owner of Oysters restaurant. My parents inaugurated the restaurant in 1973, back when it was still one tiny room...

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