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Category: Animals

Horses_in_Stanley_Park_Vancouver Canada travel_and_people_magazine

Horses in Stanley Park

These two lovely boys … a Belgian and a Percheron … take visitors for a ride around Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park.


The betterment of a circle

Two always help the circle of life become more complete. Your better half.


G’day mate!

This cute kangaroo came sniffing our camera in Halls Gap. This town in the middle of The Grampians is an excellent place to meet these animals up close, as there are...


Dancing on the Cliffs

I love this shot of pure bliss. My traveling friend and I were so captivated by the Cliffs of Moher it was a cause to dance.


White wild horses in Camargue Natural Park

On the south of France you will find a natural beauty among wild horses, pink flamingos and thousands of mosquitos in the area of Rhone delta.


Barbary Apes

It is said when the apes leave the Rock, the British will leave also. So, every measure is taken to ensure they stay.


Butterfly love



I spent about an hour under the water face to face with magnificent creatures. I came away with stunning videos and photographs using my GoPro Hero 3+. I also got...


Strano sommelier

“Ti suggerirei di abbinare un buon bianco con quel piatto di polpo alla griglia …” Sifnos (Cicladi), baia di Vathi. Taverna Manolis.


Mr Grizzly and I

I grandi occhi dolci cozzano con i lunghi artigli affilati. Lui è l’orso grizzly che ho avuto l’onore di conoscere a Grouse Mountain, “the Peak of...

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