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Category: Animals


Kabala Racing

This was a crazy day. The Indian state of Karnataka is the traditional home of the lively and exhilarating Kambala buffalo racing festivals where super athletic bulls...


Meeting Munna

Kanha National Park is home to one of wildlife’s greatest celebrities. His name is Munna and he is one of the dominant male tigers. We sat watching from our jeep...


Set back in time

It didn’t take me long to realize that the people in Mawlamyine were not yet used to spot foreigners. By early afternoon, I had still not seen any other foreigners. I...


A hill tribe pet spa

Hsipaw is a small village in Shan State and starting point for most trekking tours to the Palaung ethnic minorities. During the half-day uphill trek, we walked over...


Hello Simba!

Saw a pack of lions during our safari, including cubs! This little guy looked directly at me and it was hard to believe that I had a 3D version of Simba right in front...


Down Under

This photo was taken in the port of Nagoya when I celebrated my 21st birthday with my Dad and a Vietnamese friend. I’ve been dreaming to own a penguin as a pet but...


Baan Chang Elephant Park

An elephant at the Baan Chang Elephant Park in Chiang Mai.

the best place to see pandas in CHina

The Best place to see pandas in China

Since the earthquake in Sichuan Province there are two good places to see pandas – one in the Panda Research Centre in Chengdu itself and one in Ya’an Bifengxia...


Mule deer on the South Rim trail, Grand Canyon

A lovely encounter with a family of mule deer on the South Rim trail, Grand Canyon National Park.



I was driving home from my brothers bucks party after a fairly large night. I got to my street and there was this guy stretched across the road, we shared a moment and...

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