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Category: Food

Suco Bar

Suco Bar

There’s no need to go thirsty in Rio. There’s a water-seller every 50 yards or so, and, if you want something else, there are plenty of suco (fruit juice)...


Women harvesting tea

I love that the women in Sri Lanka look so beautiful and are so nicely dressed and decorated even when working so hard.


Black pepper processing

No, the men aren’t repairing the road 😉 They are spreading black pepper to dry.


In the kitchen of the largest free “restaurant” in the world

On my authentic world food “tour”, I couldn`t miss the opportunity to visit Golden temple in Amritsar. A place, where they feed tens thousands of people for...


Gipsy woman washing dishes in a desert with ash and sand

This gipsy woman taught me how to make the best chapati I have ever had. She made it on open fire, processed the dough with her fists decorated by beautiful colourful...


At the backstage of spice wholesale market

I love authentic food, so I simply couldn`t resist to enter this place, far away from the main streets, with men around only. It was hard to breath there because of all...


The best pomegranates ever

A “must eat” when wandering in the streets of New Delhi. And lovely combination of colours too.


Chinese Food

Not your typical Chinese-American food. I got this sesame chicken with brocolli at an Asian market in the midst of Allston, an eclectic and upbeat college neighborhood....


What Did You Have for Breakfast?

Look at life from the sunny side.


The Hunt for the Best Teppanyaki in Osaka

Captured this photo while leisurely hunting for the best teppanyaki house in Osaka.

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