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Category: Food


The Hunt for the Best Teppanyaki in Osaka

Captured this photo while leisurely hunting for the best teppanyaki house in Osaka.


Spice Trail Marrakesh Express

Dried spices, herbs, peppers and flowers are all essential to Moroccan cuisine, as well as a key component of traditional natural remedies.


Snack Time

This was my absolute favourite snack while on the Camino Frances (in fact, I even wrote a poem on my blog about how much I love it, haha). I ate this every day on The...


National Dish of Morocco

Couscous, steamed semolina grains topped with flavorful stews, is a staple of Moroccan cuisine. Served in homes on Fridays after the weekly prayer service, at...


Road-side market stand

The freshest and tastiest fruits and veggies are typically available at market stands along the roads in Morocco’s country-side.


The Original Slow Cooker

One of Marrakechs’ most famous contributions is the tangia, a slow cooked lamb. It’s only made in this city and Moroccans from across the country come to eat...


Chicken tikki with mayonnaise

During our trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands , We got the pleasure to taste this super yum dish. Chicken Tikki served with mayonnaise. I captured it!


Opuntia ficus-indica

Ti fermi al carretto dei fichi d’india e il ragazzo marocchino con il suo coltello dalla lama corta e affilata ti sbuccia i frutti fino a quando non ne sei sazio,...

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