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Thapong: Botswana’s finest visual artists – Part I

Reginal: “I’m the coordinator of Thapong Visual Arts Centre, the most creative art center in Botswana.

We bring together artists to work and collaborate and to promote exhibitions and workshops in the area. We have several studios in which artists can work.

We try to have new pieces to exhibit every month because, besides giving exposure, these events really help the artists to grow and deal with critique as well.

We have all sorts of artists from the young and upcoming to professionals, but mostly we try to push young artists to make a career out of art.

One of our studios is specifically for artists who applied from other countries to come and work here. They come from all over the world.

We really want our studios to look nice and comfortable. Thapong Visual Arts Centre strongly relies on funding from donors.”

Lesedi: “I’m a visual artist. I do realistic and abstract art using several kinds of paint. This is how I share my ideas, interpreting things how I see them.

I like to work with bright colors. My pieces are mostly about my country, about wildlife in Botswana, our culture, and scenes of daily life.

Through art I explain my relationship with nature, emphasizing the African essence and the importance of harmony between man and nature. ”

Tabi: “I specialize in fabric designs and painting. I’m a self-taught artists and I’ve been working with fabric since 2005. My products range from cushion covers to table cloths to curtains and clothes.

I’m inspired by Botswana culture, its houses and daily life objects, its ethnic colors, the love for my country and its nature.

My works are a combination of fabric and fine art. I also do some abstract designs through which I always try to express my emotions.

I do this with love and passion and I’m really proud to be a fabric painter”.


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