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The business of killing crocodiles

We are unfortunately used to seeing animals in terrible conditions, tortured to do useless things in a circus, imprisoned in a zoo without being guilty of anything. But there is worse than that: the breeding of animals for profit, by selling parts of them. Since we got to know about a company that breeds crocodiles to sell their skins and meat, we pretended to be interested in this company’s business and, once the owner was not there, and thanks to an employee who was only interested in money (he was richly paid to let us film), we managed to enter the slaughterhouse for crocodiles to witness what should not exist on earth.

“Hello, my name is Sweenie. I’m a guide at the crocodile farm.

We breed Nile crocodiles at this farm. We have got 5,000 crocodiles.

In this dam, we have 600 crocodiles and they are 6 years old.

We are breeding crocodiles for their skin and meat. If they are 6 years old we kill them for their skin and their meat. For the meat, you can only eat the tail and the legs – the other parts are poisonous. The skin they use to make shoes and bags and handbags. The pool is 2 metres deep. Crocodiles can all fit in the water, they all sleep in the water. If it’s winter – like now – they don’t eat. They hibernate for 4 months. Crocodiles keep their mouth open for cooling. So if see a crocodile with its mouth open, it’s cooling its body. That’s how they regulate their body temperature.

These ones are 5 years old. We have got more males here, that’s why they’re bigger than those ones. The big ones are the males, which grow fast.

These are 4 years old. We breed them every year. We’ve got the big ones for breeding. One crocodile can lay 30-70 eggs, and the eggs take 3 months to hatch. After they lay eggs, we collect the eggs from the big ones and put them in the incubator.

These are 3 years old. We feed the small ones chicken – they eat small pieces of chicken twice a week.

We change the water every week. We have workers that go in and clean everything and change the water. The crocodiles can’t harm you. They start to be aggressive when they are 10 years old.

These ones are 2 years old. They could be eaten by fish eagles – that’s why we’ve put the net on top. They are too small. We have protected them from the fish eagles because they are too young. We feed them small pieces of chicken twice a week.

These are the big ones for breeding. We don’t kill them, we just keep them here for breeding. We’ve got 50 big crocodiles. 34 females and 16 males. Just for breeding. They also eat chicken twice a week. One big crocodile can eat 10 chickens. During breeding they leave their eggs here – they bury their eggs in the sand. Then the workers go in to collect the eggs. In order to go in the workers use a pipe – they beat the crocodiles and chase them away. They are between 25 and 81 years old. They can live up to 120 years. When a crocodile is fully grown its length is 6 metres. The longest we have here is 5 metres.

Crocodiles can breed until they die. With crocodiles, the more they grow the more they produce. They fight a lot during mating season. That’s why some of them don’t have tails and nails. Some of their fingers are lost because of the fighting. They fight each other a lot.

They sleep in the water. The pool there is 3 metres deep. When we feed them we call them. If you say “come” they all come closer – then we throw the chickens in. They can sense food from a long distance. If you put some chickens here they can sense them and they get closer for the food.

This building over here is where we keep the food for the crocodiles and it’s where we incubate the eggs. So that’s where we keep our eggs for hatching”.



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