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Mokolodi: Encountering Wildlife – I

“My name is Denis and I’m the assistant park manager at the Mokolodi Nature Reserve.

In the park we have quite a variety of species, mostly herbivores. We have a few predators but they are mostly nocturnal; from leopards to hyenas, to scavengers and foxes. We have many types of antelopes like impalas and kudus, and we also have zebras, giraffes, ostriches, warthogs, rhinos, etc…

One of the activities we provide for our visitors is the rhino and giraffe tracking in the reserve.

Rhinos are an endangered species so we try to protect them and help them to increase their numbers. We have kept rhinos in Mokolodi since 1995, and here they live in a good and safe environment without fear of poachers.

When looking for fresh animal tracks in the nature reserve, we not only look for fresh footprints or droppings but we also look at the ground they walked on, the direction of the grass and the rocks they have moved while walking.

When approaching animals you always have to be careful of where the wind is blowing, otherwise the animals will start smelling you and start running”.


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